About me:

Hi, I’m Stephen. I have been a thoroughly entertaining high school teacher, an hopeless wanderer and a polyglot paid for translation amongst other things. I’m currently training to become a copywriter and I recently qualified as a proof reader and copy editor. I occasionally dabble in other stuff like poems, lyrics, novels, singing, sketch drawing, & I once did stand-up in the West End failing epically!

I’m also the author of Peter and The Dwarf Planets, traditionally published by Olympia on 30th August 2018: a 4-star kids’ book on Goodreads and Amazon.com.

Since Peter… I have had the pleasure of being able to get out and about in schools, libraries and bookshops to promote not just the book but also a love of star gazing and the courage to follow your dreams! I’ve signed my book for and met new people not just in England, but I’ve also toured the book to a primary school in Catalonia (note: I never say Spain) and taken part in an international book fair in Provence.

I’m currently working on a sequel to my first novel. That sequel should form the second part of a three-part series that I’d like to call, “The 5 days Trilogy” – Each of the books will feature the same two main characters and the stories will unfold in real time over 5 days. Aside from that, the genre will change dramatically from one book to the next. In as much as No. 1 was a romance novel, No. 2 is very much a crime thriller.

I publish my adult fiction under an alias in order to maintain a distance between what’s for kids and … You get the picture!

For more info on Peter & the Dwarf Planets or if intrigued by my trilogy and where to find it, gimme a shout at any one of the following:

Email: elguiri33@hotmail.co.uk

Twitter: @dwarfplanets5







I always answer requests quickly!


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